Quality Michele Clerici 21/07/2022

For us, quality always comes first


Metrology room

Tecnomec SA’s production process is monitored in all its phases through specific intermediate and final checks to minimise the risk of defective products and components. The quality control staff is integrated into the production flow through repeated assessments and identification of process improvement actions.

The metrology room is in a temperature-controlled environment and is provided with all the necessary equipment to ensure that our processes always comply with the strictest quality standards. In particular, it has 2 Zeiss “Accura” CMM measuring machines capable of measuring maximum dimensions X 1200, Y 2400, Z 1000 (mm) with an accuracy degree of 0.0002 mm in continuous scanning.


Tecnomec SA is certified according to the EN9100 standard requirements for the aerospace and defence sectors and the ISO9001 standards for the industrial sector. In addition, the special wire EDM process is qualified according to SAFRAN requirements.